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I had the opportunity to work on a project for a hotel in Zedelgem. The existing website was outdated and didn't reflect the quality and style of the hotel. My task was to rebrand the website and give it a modern and sophisticated look.


Hotel Fleur De Lys







Mockup website fleur de lys

Increased traffic

As a result of my work, the website now receives 300 views per month, indicating a significant increase in traffic and engagement. The hotel's online presence has been enhanced, and the website now serves as an effective marketing tool.

Fleur de lys website screenshot


After conducting extensive research on the hotel's brand identity and target audience, I created a new design that aligned with their values and objectives.

Screenshot designs figma


Through the strategic design and implementation of a robust brand identity for Hotel Fleur De Lys, we've not only raised their visibility in a competitive market but also created a lasting connection with their target audience. By seamlessly integrating these branding elements across all touchpoints, we've helped the hotel carve out its unique place in the industry and create memorable experiences for guests, fostering loyalty and a strong reputation.

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